Longing for hard times…

A friend on Facebook just shared this  blog entry and I am reading it from a much different perspective than most, although I know that I am not alone!

The blogger is covering a topic I hear day in and day out from all the parents that surround me (and I mean SURROUND!). The stage of parenting from newborn until 8ish when parents are lacking in sleep, time for themselves, time for their marriage, time to go to the bathroom alone, really time for anything other than just  making sure their tiny humans have everything they can possibly need and trying to also provide for their wants, and maybe even trying to deliver it to them in a fashion that could be found on Pinterest and that their friends would “like” on Facebook.

Literally today I had a conversation with a mom who’s baby was sick and she said,

Being a mom is so hard.

She then listed things like:

  • I had to reschedule several appointments to stay home with her.
  • She won’t let me set her down, she is making me snuggle her all day.

I know how hard this time is for parents of young ones… Actually, I don’t know but I’ve heard a lot about it and I’ve personally watched my friends and family struggle through it and I’ve tried to always be an empathetic ear & shoulder and truly feel for them all during these challenging moments.

For me though, I can’t wait to have those problems. I can’t wait to have to call a client and say sorry, can’t come today because my baby is sick. I can’t wait for Alex to have to come home to a filthy house because my baby needed me to hold them all day long.  I even can’t wait to be exhausted because my baby kept me up all night or because my 1st grader brought the stomach bug home.

The other day I was at the pool and while I was getting ready to get in, I got to witness a mom and a 5 or 6 year old go round and round arguing about if the kid could go say hi to one of the coaches. We are talking kid in full blown meltdown and mom so frustrated trying to make the child understand and looking around feeling mortified that this is happening in public.  I could not stop smiling to save my life. Honestly, the mom probably was thinking “you smug bitch, just wait until this is you!”

She had no idea that I wasn’t judging her or wishing she’d shut her kid up… Nope, I was feeling complete and utter envy! I can’t wait to fight with my kid on the swim deck about something so pointless!

I don’t know what exactly has made me so envious of this incredibly challenging time in parents lives. I don’t know if it’s because if things had gone differently we would be parents of a 2 year old and answering questions about when we were gonna try for number 2.  I don’t know if it’s because the doctors all keep telling me to run and not walk to get pregnant if we want to have a family the old fashion way. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been read a laundry list of things that could go wrong just trying to become parents with my body.  I don’t know exactly why I can’t wait to be so miserable, but I just can’t!


P.S. I pray with every part of my heart and soul that in a couple years I am posting an entry here about how hard it is to be a parent and about how crazy I was to be writing what I did tonight!


P.S. x 2 – I am also really praying for strength, patience, and some self love to all the parents of young children!